Ethical principles

Our conduct towards all stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, material suppliers, subcontractors, government and supervision authorities, competitors, the media) and towards the society as a whole is beyond reproach.

Sense of responsibility
We fulfil our commitments and take personal responsibility for our conduct. We only promise what we can deliver. We do not mislead our stakeholders.

We behave respectfully towards our stakeholders and in accordance with their interests. We support equal opportunities and an environment dominated by honest behaviour with no place for harassment.

We recognize and respect all applicable laws, as well as all internal and external regulations, guidelines and standards. We require managers to behave in an exemplary manner, and we are committed to creating a first-class environment for control and compliance with legal standards and regulations.

We lead a constructive, transparent and open dialogue based on mutual respect and professionalism with our stakeholders.

Our values

Trust as well as partnership is possible only based on honesty, recognition and respect, and in addition transparency and responsibility of every person is required. We build on trust in all areas: a high level of every employee’s own responsibility thus represents one of our basic management principles. And just as we value our long-term business relationships, we also work with selected and verified subcontractors with whom we cooperate based on mutual trust. Our investors can be sure that we will handle their entrusted means honestly.

Solidarity entails providing mutual support. Therefore it is important not to seek our own gains when we achieve success and not to reject responsibility when we fail in something. Sense of common cause is particularly important in relation to response to successes and even more to failures of others.

Support for innovations
Flexibility that makes it possible for us to adapt quickly to changing market conditions is enabled by capital strength and innovations: they are the key to addressing future challenges.

One’s own demands – tangible or intangible, individual or of the whole company – have to always remain within an appropriate scope. We must not forget that our success depends on the trust of stakeholders, in particular clients and partners, and that we constantly have to regain this trust. Because of that stakeholders and their wishes and expectations are at the heart of our thoughts, actions, plans and realization.

Respect, in particular respect for legitimate requirements and needs of others is natural but not sufficient between a contracting authority and a contractor, between employees and their superiors and between an enterprise and its partners. Respect has to be accompanied with honesty. We therefore expect mutual respect, thus also respect of superiors towards female/male co-workers and between genders. We support equality of opportunities and the environment based on honest behaviour with no place for harassment of any form. We put emphasis on environmental protection and occupational health and safety not only with regard to our company and our employees, but also with regard to our partner firms.


Purpose and scope
The Code of Conduct serves as a comprehensive summary of common policies of exe group for our management as well as our staff. Our Code of Conduct is intended to help prevent misconduct and promote the values and principles listed bellow.
Compliance with these values and principles is expected from the members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board, from the management and all staff.

General principles
Law and standards of behavior exe gropu complies with applicable legislation and other relevant regulations both at home and abroad.

Business standards
In respect of responsible business, our aim is to generate profit, maintain a firm financial basis and keep our risks at an appropriate level. However, making profit must never serve as an excuse for non-compliance with laws and violation of standards of behaviour.

We recognize the following areas of responsibility and follow the goals listed below:

  • Towards customers: Our performance is aimed at fulfilling legitimate requirements and expectations of our customers. We respond to market needs by being welcoming to customers, with professionalism, support for innovations and competitive prices. We openly communicate with our customers about information and experience and ensure the necessary level of confidentiality and discretion.
  • Towards employees: In view of achieving our business goals, we rely on the hard work and professional competences of our employees. Through training and further education we increase the level of knowledge in the company, personal development of employees and ensure adequate awareness and suitable working conditions. All individuals actively seek information. They synchronise their own goals with the company’ goals, while putting the company’s interests first.
  • Towards shareholders: We handle financial resources of our shareholders responsibly and strive for sustainable revenues. We advocate transparent information policy and high-quality and responsible business management.
  • Towards contractors and subcontractors: Given that our aim is to provide high-quality services cost-effectively.
  • Towards government and supervision authorities: We strictly comply with applicable legislation, regulations, decrees, standards and practices of countries where we operate.
    Towards business partners: Our group is convincing due to the price, performance, quality and adequacy of our products and services. We are honest towards our business partners. All employees are required to act honestly and transparently when formulating contracts, setting prices and billing.
  • Towards society: We respect human rights and help public well-being. We follow applicable legislation and honour fair competition. We are aware of our responsibility toward the environment.

Confidentiality of information
Sensitive information and business secrets must be handled with confidentiality. The same applies to all other information that exe group, its contractual partners and customers want to keep confidential. Such information must not be provided to unauthorized persons without the previous consent of the person authorized to cancel confidentiality. This commitment remains in effect also after termination of employment or other contractual relationship.

Sustainable development
In our business decisions as well as in the management of our resources and infrastructure, we take into account environmental and social aspects.

Social and societal engagement
We welcome that our employees engage in the society, as long as it is appropriate. We support selected organisations and institutions with humanitarian, social, generally beneficial, educational and cultural objectives.

Management as an example
The management has a role as an example. Members of statutory and supervisory bodies and executives behave in an exemplary manner. Faultless behaviour at work in principle means fair and honest attitude towards employees as well as towards customers, suppliers, competitors, public authorities and the public. Integrity and reputation of our company are of utmost importance for our success.

Accountability of statutory bodies, management and employees
Every member of statutory and supervisory bodies, manager and employee is accountable:

  • respecting laws, directives and regulations, as well as internal decrees of exe group, including the values and principles of the Code of Conduct,
  • being familiar with directives, handbooks and common business practices in the respective scope of business, as well as their conscientious application according to one’s best capacities,
  • raising questions and interference upon non-compliance with standards of behaviour,
  • participating in a team and the best possible contribution to achieving common goals,
  • contributing to creating a working atmosphere in which trust, professionalism, high working activity, respect and self-esteem are promoted,
  • acting in good faith, responsibly, with due care and expertise without disting the facts,
    acting objectively, but without subjecting one’s own judgement to it,
  • acting always in an honest and ethical manner, in particular in regard to dealing with actual and/or potential conflicts of interest,
  • being honest in contact with customers, suppliers, competitors and other collaborators and never enjoy benefits unjustified to others as the result of a behaviour that violates legal provisions or this Code of Conduct,
  • reporting potential violations of laws and other conduct in contradiction to exe’s guidance and procedures in order to deal with these issues appropriately,
  • regularly participate in trainings provided by exe group,
  • as a member of the management demonstrating managerial skills by developing clear customer orientation, exemplary personal engagement, trustworthiness and keeping promises, adequate control of subordinate employees, monitoring compliance with legal standards and regulations, and creating working conditions in which employees can maximize their performance.

Compliance with regulations
We expect all members of statutory bodies, management and employees comply with applicable laws and other binding regulations in all business decisions and actions at home and abroad.

Prevention of conflict of interests and secondary employment
Secondary employment and capital participation of employees in enterprises, in particular involving business partners and/or competing companies must be notified in writing and are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Rejection of illegal employment
Compliance with all labour and social legislation and standards is inherent for the entire group. We expect the same from our business partners. All employees are thus instructed to require observing this principle by business partners and check compliance with it within their legal possibilities. In the event of non-compliance by business partners, a contract shall not be awarded or its delivery shall be terminated.