exe’s management is fully aware of the crucial importance of quality in a market-based business environment and in compliance with its business strategy declares the following quality policy.

The priority of the entire company’s effort is customer satisfaction and fulfilment of their demanding requirements.

The company management undertakes to create appropriate conditions for quality policy implementation and commits itself as well as all its employees to constantly adhere to the quality policy. The company management further commits to provide the necessary resources for the implementation and maintenance of the quality management system and its continuous improvement.

The foundation of our company’s success are its employees’ professional qualities. The professional level of our employees improves with planned trainings. All employees are directly responsible for the quality of their own work. The company supports all employee initiatives aimed at increasing the quality of its products and services. The management participates in raising employee awareness in relation to understanding quality.

Improving efficiency in the management of activities and resources is based on a process-oriented approach. The quality management system also defines the type and scope of outsourced processes management. By monitoring and measuring processes, continuously checking customer satisfaction, analysing collected data, and taking preventive and corrective actions, we want to achieve permanent improvement of the quality management system and of our products.

The company puts great emphasis on cooperation with goods and service contractors. We carefully select and assess our contractors based on our requirements for the quality of goods to be purchased. We prefer contractors with a developed quality management system.

exe takes into account social and environmental aspects and takes full responsibility for the impacts of its decisions and activities on the society and environment.

Transparent and ethical conduct of individuals as well as of the entire company contributes externally to sustainable development and is in line with applicable legislation and corresponds to international standards of conduct. The company has included social responsibility into all of its activities, it applies it in its relations and takes into account stakeholders’ interests.

Health care, work safety and the environment are an integral part of the quality system. The company’s employees are required to adhere to health and safety principles when carrying out all their work activities. By complying with applicable environmental legislation and reducing waste production we want to contribute to protecting the environment.

This quality policy covers the following activities:

  • Complex and integrated solutions – selling computer technology and software; software and hardware support, consultancy and servicing of information and communication systems; design and development of software.
  • Localisation and translation services

The quality policy creates a framework for defining the company’s quality objectives, has been published within the company, and is regularly reviewed in respect of its continued suitability.